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Presenting Digital Deepak Internship Programme 2021


Digital Marketing cannot be discovered until you get it done and how to do it is by doing a Digital Marketing Internship Programme. 

You are going to find plenty of Digital Marketing Internship Programmes on the internet.

But after a lot of research, we have discovered the fact that many of them calls for inviting your friend to such Social Media Pages or some messages in WhatsApp/Facebook teams or some activities that won’t allow you to learn and grow.

There are numerous electronic advertising specialists into the industry who’re offering courses/internships at a really affordable price and a lot of students and professionals get attracted towards them.

But, this Digital Marketing Internship Programme by Digital Deepak isn’t only a program, it’s a blend of course plus an internship. 

As per my research, it’s a unique program that do not only explains Digital Marketing and Advertising but also makes you are doing things practically.

I am writing this review article that will help you realize more in depth and specific about this program. 

I have physically taken up this internship programme and I had enrolled in Batch No. 2. I had received immense support from Team PixelTrack and Digital Deepak himself to outcome hurdles in this Internship Programme and also got my money back as a Cash Back System as per the Programme Guidelines.

Who is Digital Deepak?

Deepak Kanakaraju (popularly called Digital Deepak) is among the most readily useful digital marketing experts in India.

He is a Civil Engineering Graduate, Digital Marketing Consultant, Blogger, Author, TedX Speaker and trainer from Bangalore. Popularly Known As “Digital Deepak”

He began his Digital Marketing career from a bicycle blog and gradually became a successful Digital Marketer.

Deepak has more than a decade of Digital Marketing experience and could be the co-founder of PixelTrack (A Digital Marketing Agency)

He is famous in the community for assisting Digital Marketing enthusiasts and runs a Digital Marketing Internship program to mentor aspiring digital marketers which help them in their journey.

What’s Digital Deepak’s Internship Program?

Let me make it clear that this isn’t a program, this is a CashBack Internship Program.

You will be paid upon submitting the assignments on time.

But, if you should be passionate about Digital Marketing and want to discover it practically then this is something you have to explore as an option.

This Digital Marketing Internship Program covers all the basic aspects of Digital Marketing.

Therefore even though you are completely brand new, you do not need to worry.

You will learn concerning the Digital Marketing concepts in detail, various advertising tools and the most readily useful part may be the reality that you will learn it by doing.

Yes, This System is for DOERS.

It is a paid internship. It means you’ll need to pay a fee so that you can be a part of this internship.

But, you will get your money back when you finish the assignments.

Also, you will find regular live and Q&A sessions with Deepak Sir, Kamna Jain and Shreyas that might help you in this entire program.

At the End of the internship system, you will get a certificate from Digital Deepak.

This is in short about the Digital Deepak Internship Program.

What are you going to learn in Digital Deepak’s Internship Program?

The structure is pretty easy yet effective because it motivates people to take action.

There exists a total of 7 live webinars, you’ll get to go to once you join the Internship Program.

The teaching structure might change, that depends upon which Internship Batch you’re going to become listed on.

First Session, you’ll learn Digital Marketing basics. Become familiar with about funnels, essentials of economics, researching the market, and other general principles of Digital Marketing.

There are incredibly many things you can discover in a solitary session and many importantly you’ll get to find out about the kind of mindset you will need so that you can begin your job in Digital Marketing.

Personally I think that getting the right mindset could be the keystone of your success.

Second session, you’ll get to know about the importance of costomer avatar and exactly how to produce a costomer avatar for your business? 

You’ll learn how to do surveys. Each session is going to be around 90 mins or maybe more.

Third session , this really is my favorite subject. You’ll learn about the Copywriting & Sales page.

You’ll learn how to produce a web page for your target customer.

What’s copywriting and seven principles of impact.

Fourth session, you will learn building a self-hosted WordPress Website.

And in my opinion, having a website is like having your own home on the internet.

You’ll learn each & every thing exactly how setting up your self-hosted WordPress blog from scratch.

Fifth session, you will learn about lead generation & automation.

You’ll learn just how to use automation tools such as Zapier.

You’ll discover ways to produce advertising automation on email & phone.

Sixth session, you will see how to run Google ads, Facebook Ads & Twitter ads. Become familiar with how to run different varieties of ad campaigns such as traffic campaigns, brand understanding, and lead generation ads.

Seventh session, you’ll learn about advanced level digital marketing such as built-in digital marketing, split evaluating, and conversion rate optimization.

However, in my Batch 2, session seven was about creating your first digital/info product and bring a minimum of one sale. That was our assignment number seven in batch 2.

Who should join this Internship Program?

If you are a working professional and desire to switch your career then this internship is solely for you personally.

Let me tell you, there are numerous working professionals who joined this internship such as Civil Engineers, business owners, and software engineers, etc.

For Students : You will learn a fresh skill Digital Marketing and getting a task in Digital Marketing is huge.

And it’s also considered as one of the most in-demand skills.

Companies: Having more customers is the most important thing in any business.

And you can get more customers using Digital Marketing techniques.

Professionals: As I said you wanted to switch your career, then Digital Marketing is the greatest choice for you.

And Digital Marketing will allow you to land a high-paying job also.

Entrepreneurs: The best option to increase your customer database and examine your brand new product idea is to just take your company online and use the latest digital marketing strategies to develop your company exponentially.

Digital Marketing gives you a chance to learn, work and make profits.

And in the quickest period of time, you can literally change your profession and function as master of your life.

If you want to make your career in Digital Marketing you simply need to have Passion.

That’s it.

But if you don’t have passion then I’d not suggest you to come & learn digital Marketing, if you come in digital marketing for a shake of money.

Then it’s not going to work for you.

Of course, everyone needs money however initially you must put plenty of effort to learn, implement, and grow your online business platform.

If you are able to cross that phase, I promise you, you’ll become a successful digital marketer.

Does Everyone  Get The Entire Money back?

You will get your money back (incentives) as long as it’s possible to perform and submit the assignments on deadlines provided to you.

As you complete your assignments have approved, you will be repaid.

For more clarifications regarding this financial aspect of this internship, you can reach out to Deepak during the webinars that he conducts in order to promote their program.

 Why should you do Digital Marketing Internship with Digital Deepak

  • Digital Deepak’s Internship Program is unique and you have to do it because:
  • Certifications are of no use if you don’t have practical knowledge.
  • An application that can help you learn Digital Marketing practically.
  • You can get guidance from Digital Deepak himself.
  • You will receive compensation for each and every assignment you complete On time.
  • Career & Position Guidance.

Should a MBA student do Digital Deepak Internship Programme?

The solution to this question is dependent on your profile and aspirations.

If you are already doing a MBA from a decent institute along with your target and gets an excellent job from campus placements, I would personally recommend you to miss the idea of doing this internship.


Because you have currently compensated a lot for the MBA.

The MBA system is sufficient to equip you with the data that you require to work in the market.

Though your program might or might possibly not have digital marketing as a topic covered but it definitely covers the fundamentals of Marketing.

And when you are really a hardworking student, you can learn the Digital Marketing aspect by referring to free tutorials and content that is available on the internet.

Tips for MBA Students enthusiastic about Digital Marketing

  • Give attention to your academics.
  • Learn Digital Marketing on line at no cost.
  • You would want to refer 25 most useful Free Digital Marketing Videos of Digital Deepak.
  • Do internships with brands in the industries of your interest.
  • Optimize your LinkedIn Profile.
  • You would like to refer 8 learning to make your LinkedIn profile All-Star.
  • Prepare multiple variations of the resume and get them reviewed by your seniors, industry experts and teachers.
  • Those tips were for MBA students who are thinking about digital marketing and want to secure placements from the campus.

MBA students who would like to start something of their own?

However would highly recommend to think about this internship as one of the options. Why?

Because you can not only learn theory but additionally implement the exact same. And whether you plan to start anything in today’s world, Digital Marketing is really a must

I do not declare that this is the only internship that will allow you consider it as one associated with option.

Especially if you’re feeling that you cannot learn and implement things all on your own, you will need to try this type of internship programs.

What about non-MBA students?

Should students pursuing a Bachelors’s Degree do Digital Deepak internship?

Again, the solution remains very nearly  identical to the above answer.

Lots of the Bachelor’s degree covers the basics of marketing.

But if you should be doing a bit of course like B Tech or BSc, you would have never studied marketing.

If you know about the basic ideas of Digital Marketing, then you can certainly leverage it by doing free online courses and starting something on your own.

Start a blog if you’re interested in content writing and SEO.

Start a social media marketing page if you should be enthusiastic about Social Media  Marketing.

Starting something in the region of your interest constantly help you discover more. 

Think about guidance?

You have a lot of information easily available on the web.

However if you are feeling that you’ll require a mentor and a step by action approach, then you can start thinking about doing this Digital Marketing Internship by Digital Deepak.

Should a working professional do Digital Deepak’s Digital Marketing Internship?

I get plenty of queries from this group of people, who are currently working as professionals, they are confused exactly how to switch from their existing profession to digital marketing.

Demonstrably, internships and certifications can help.

But it addittionally depends on your present role and company.

Let me offer you an example.

Recently I got a message from somebody who has completed her MBA and is right now working in a MNC in the USA at a managerial place. This implies he has experience and is getting a great salary too.

Now, if you also fall in such category then you have to reconsider your thoughts relating to this internship.

In all honesty, you won’t get much benefitted in the shortlisting of your resume or promotions as a result internship.

It will definitely provide you practical knowledge. But imagine you are currently working as a supervisor.

You won’t yourself write content or build inbound links. Right?

You ought to have a team or agency for that. You merely need to understand the essentials which you are able to learn from the free courses available.

If you’re acutely passionate and want to explore this internship then go ahead.

But if you’d like to make a switch or get a promotion, I would recommend you to definitely do some executive programs in digital marketing from institutes like MICA, IIMs, etc.

That has been for somebody who is currently established in profession and desire to explore Digital Marketing.

How about a person who has simply started working or fresh graduates?

You can definitely try down this internship as it will likely be more feasible for you personally.

It’s a win-win for you while you learn digital marketing too and simultaneously implement things too.

But imagine if somebody is working at a good place and desires to start some startup along because of the work?

Once more, you can make use of the Digital Deepak’s internship program.

As you would certainly be doing it for your own venture, it can help you with hands-on.

Anything you learn and try in this internship, you can implement it for your startup.

Digital Deepak’s Internship Program is the Best, I am telling Why??

When I first heard this concern, I was shocked. You cannot compare oranges with oranges.

Digital Deepak is an individual offering this internship system and sharing his experience.

On the contrary, MICA is one associated with the finest advertising institutes in India.

Not only Asia, however it normally well known all over the world.

The program that MICA offers in collaboration with Upgrad is just a a whole lot more step-by-step system.

It’s a post-graduate official certification system and never an internship.

So, ideally you simply cannot compare it with this internship program.

Anytime, a program from MICA would be suggested for those who have the time, money and passion for it.

Can I do the Digital Marketing Internship program offered by Digital Deepak or courses provided by Sorav Jain, Kulwant Nagi, etc?

Every course or system has its own USP.

The courses/programs provided by Sorav Jain revolve around Instagram and Personal Branding.

To the contrary, the course provided by Kulwant Nagi is an Outstanding Affiliate Marketer.

The program provided by Digital Deepak revolves around the basics of all aspects of Digital Marketing

You need to take a training course as per your aspirations.

As an example, in the event that you are pretty certain you need to be an Instagram Influencer than I would not advocate this Digital Deepak’s Internship. I recommend something that Sorav Jain.


I tried to cover as many questions as possible in this article.

When you Google search for this internship, you’ll find lots of articles and paid ads that are run by Digital Deepak’s team or his students.

Digital Deepak is a mastermind plus the method he promotes this internship program is attention-grabbing

When you yourself have done this internship program or in the event that you are doing it, you can share your positive/negative experiences with me. I will decide to try to include those points in this review article to ensure it is more exhaustive.