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As many who have worked in social media marketing for 10+ years can tell you, the social networks are unpredictable.

One minute you are able to connect with every one of your “fans” and the next minute the algorithm only shows your content to your top fans (and then if they engage, they show your content to more people).

Throughout the years, any time Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter changes something, adds a new feature, or takes away a feature, the rug is sometimes feels like it is pulled out from under the businesses using social media as a platform to connect with their audiences.

The way for hospitality businesses to make sure they aren’t at the whim of the social media tech companies is to establish a holistic digital marketing strategy. (I know, I know, I mostly talk about social media marketing, but it’s not the only type of marketing that digital marketers should be focused on!)

Digital leads versus social media followers

Email marketing and capturing email addresses are a huge part of that.

Pre-pandmeic, email marketing in the hospitality industry was mostly focused on seasonal promotions.

But when the original shelter-at-home orders were put into place in March 2020, many businesses learned that the overly salary nature of traditional email marketing was making consumers hit unsubscribe in record numbers. (Think back to how many emails hit your own inbox at the beginning of the pandemic.)

Getting leads for your email marketing efforts has generally been accomplished through selling wine or wine club memberships in the tasting room (or online), or in the case of some restaurants and many brick and mortar shops, through a paper sign-up sheet next to the cash register.

But with a new focus on DTC (direct to consumer) sales through a business’s website, generating a growing email list in other ways has become an essential part of a brand’s digital marketing strategy.

Those email addresses are called “leads”— potential customers that are curious about your company but haven’t made a purchase yet.

And “leads” are different from “followers on social media,” because as mentioned above, the platforms are finicky. They — not you — own that list.

Businesses own their email marketing list and can connect with their audience any way they wish.

And when it comes to capturing that audience — marketers need to remember that just adding a “newsletter form” isn’t really that enticing for customers to sign up. You have to give them a reason by giving them something in return.

Land more leads from your website

One of the best methods for automatically capturing email addresses is creating a landing page for which website visitors can sign up and then get something emailed to them, or a code for a discount right away.

For hospitality businesses, this landing page doesn’t have to be miles long. In fact, it should be short, sweet and to the point. When establishing a landing page or simple form for your business’s lead-generation efforts, your goals should be two-fold:

1. Attract the right people. It’s fun to see your email list number increase, but you want to make sure that audience is your target. So, create a lead magnet you think they will be interested in. (If you don’t know, ask via social media, in person, or as a SurveyMonkey survey link.) And target your specific audience with social media ads to drive traffic to your landing page.

2. Gain trust. Customers are hesitant to give away their emails because they have been bombarded with so many promotions over the past year. Let them know you will only send emails that provide value to them. Create lead magnets that are easy to understand and instantly accessible via a followup email they receive right away.

Magnets for email address leads

Here are types of lead magnets that work for hospitality businesses:

1. A simple e-cookbook. A winery could include wine and food pairings, a restaurant a few recipes. The idea is to create a PDF cookbook that consumers can easily download via email. ZAP (Zinfandel Advocates & Producers) created a digital grilling cookbook for National Grilling Month with wine and recipe pairings that are on brand for Zinfandel. Marketers could utilize a graphic design tool like Canva Pro to create an in-house PDF (or outsource this to a professional).

2. Wine pairings. If you want to create an even simpler digital book for download, you could make a checklist of wine pairings versus an entire cookbook-style guide.

3. A Guide to Wine Country (curated itineraries for your location based on your target audience). Draft a checklist PDF with suggestions of where to visit around your restaurant or tasting room.

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Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the act of promoting and selling products and services by leveraging online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing.

Digital Marketing is to make the right offer at the right time in the right place. You need to connect with your customer where they are.

It’s no surprise that today’s consumers are online, hanging out in social media, staying updated on news sites and blogs, and searching online when they have a need.

That’s why, for better marketing results, you need to be online too—getting people’s attention, building interest in your products and services, and driving sales with Digital Marketing.

So Digital Marketing is the promotion of products and/or services using electronic means.

What is student Goal in the field of Digital Marketing ?

●   Professional self-improvement

  • Starting a business

  • Choosing a different career path

  • Increase marketing knowledge


  • In 1840, the first advertising agency was setup in Philadelphia, with print (newspapers, magazines) really being the only option at the time.

  • Radio came out in the 1920’s, creating a big shift in marketing due to the different format (audio) as well as reach

  • Then TV came along in the 1950’s, expanding reach even further and introducing another medium in which to communicate with people

  • ●     1980’s saw the launch of cable. Channels like MTV, Shopping Network changed strategies and spend completely, as instead of advertising being forced onto people, they were actually tuning into it.

  • In the 1990’s what was first called the World Wide Web (WWW) was launched. It took a few short years to gain traction in terms of marketing as it was initially just for the purpose of creating and sharing information but of course advertisers started taking notice of this new medium.

  • The first SMS was also sent out in 1992, reading “Merry Christmas”.

  • In 1998, the first content was sold to mobile phones – ringtones. Google also launched their search engine in this year, initially without paid advertising.

  • Two years later in year 2000, Google started monetizing their search engine with “Adwords”, now called “Google Ads”. They started with 250 advertisers and now have millions.

  • The majority of Alphabet’s (the parent company of Google) revenue comes from this platform.

  • In 2004, Facebook went live and in 2007, Facebook started monetizing their platform. They had around 20 million monthly active users at the time, an increase of 1900% since their launch in 2004.

  • Twitter launched in 2006, a very different social media platform but due to the “live” nature of the platform and the short bursts of information it saw a rapid initial growth. This declined in later years but it is still a solid platform.

  • Google launched the Play Store in 2008, introducing downloadable apps to millions of people. It started with 500 apps and now there are too many to count.

  • In 2016, Pokemon Go introduced augmented reality on mobile, on a huge scale.

Monthly Social Media Users Per Platform


How do businesses use social media?

As many as 52 % businesses say that social media positively influences revenue and sales, and that Facebook is the most valuable channel.

Only 28% of companies use social media marketing agencies – meaning that most businesses manage this internally, though some do this with the help of social media management software

85% of businesses use Twitter as their customer service platform. Businesses post an average of 122 times per month.

Instagram is great for brands using visuals and storytelling.

Snapchat and Pinterest are low-value channels.  

Snapchat lenses and other advertising options are expensive, only making them feasible for big budgets.

From an organic perspective though, if you are looking to target / gain awareness from this generation, then it would be a good idea to have a Snapchat account that you promote across your other channels.

How Does Digital Marketing Work?

Digital Marketing works by creating touch points, or points of interaction, in a variety of digital channels—like Facebook, search engines, email, and YouTube—to build a relationship with prospects.

It’s about creating the desire to buy and persuading them to buy sooner. Through Digital Marketing, you can actually become a guide and a trusted friend—so when you make a recommendation, people are eager to listen and buy.

The Key to Digital Marketing Success

Digital Marketing is designed to give consumers the information they need, when they need it, they turn to you first when the time comes thus building a relationship.

You want to strategically integrate all available tactics to provide relevant, useful information that answers your customer’s questions and deepens relationship with you. 

Here’re the ways to build relationship and integration of modules.

  • Blogging
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Marketing

Why Digital Marketing is the next big thing?

Earlier people use to consume content via newspapers TV radio and magazines, but now people consume content via Facebook, they catch up with their friends and family on Facebook.

They discover news on Facebook instead of TV. They watch YouTube and blogs instead of reading newspapers.

This change in consumer behavior is the reason why digital marketing is on the rise. 

We have to advertise where people hang out and companies need digital marketing experts to help them manage their ad campaigns.

And if you are running a Digital Marketing Agency, they will easily pay 10% of the total campaign spent on the agency fees or on the salary.

India is the second largest internet users base.

According to Wikipedia. It is only next to China with 462 million internet users and this is more than United States and also other report says that internet users in India will grow by at least 5 crores every year.

What is our Opportunity in Digital Marketing?

We know that Digital Marketing is a growing field but how can we make use of this trend and what can we benefit from this.

Digital Marketing can help to build personal branding, it can help you with getting jobs or can also help you with Entrepreneurship.

We can help other companies as a consultant or as an employee, when we have Digital Marketing expertise and we can use the digital marketing knowledge to build our own business also. 

Digital Marketing jobs and opportunities in India.

There are plenty of jobs in the digital marketing field in India because digital marketing is a new field and a lot of companies need expertise in digital marketing.

There are not enough digital marketing experts in the market and digital marketing jobs is one of the highest paying jobs in the industry today.

If you go and search for digital marketing manager on LinkedIn, you will see nearly 500 mm jobs all over India for this particular position. 

How much do Digital Marketing jobs pay?

For freshers, the salary starts from 3.6 lakhs per year and sometimes it goes up to 4.5 to 5 lakhs per year in reputed companies and for 5 to 10 years of experience, the salary ranges from 12 to 20 lakhs per year.

And for more than 10 years of experience, it ranges from 20 lakhs to 50 lakhs per year. In some rare cases, it even goes up to 80 lakhs to 1 crore per year.  

You may not be interested in Digital Marketing job, but still you can put your Digital Marketing knowledge to build your business.

There are many opportunities like YouTube, Video Marketing, Niche Blogging etc.

You can do consulting, you can charge per hour or you can start a Digital Marketing agency and serve your clients help them with Digital Marketing strategies. 

Who can learn Digital Marketing or can anyone learn Digital Marketing?

You don’t need a tech background. You don’t need coding skills or programming skills to become a Digital Marketing expert.  

You can learn Digital Marketing after 12th or you can learn from an experienced professional as well.

There is no age limit for this. All you need is a computer and internet connection to start learning digital marketing.

The best way to learn digital marketing is to self-learn with a guide and that’s how I also did it.  

Books may not help you learn digital marketing because digital marketing is a fast-changing field.

How to Learn Digital Marketing Easily?

You can start learning digital marketing easily. So the best way is to learn by doing and start implementing what you learn by getting your hands dirty and that’s how we also learn.

Another best way to learn digital marketing is from online blogs and online courses or you can join a digital marketing course, but digital marketing courses will cost anywhere from 50,000 to 75,000 for a normal course.

You can learn from my lessons practice and grow. You can start with personal branding under Niche blog. 

You can create a blog for your personal brand and a Blog on your favorite topic. Start driving traffic to your blog, experiment and learn with your blog, that’s way it will provide you a platform for learning Digital Marketing and experimenting with it.

This blog may also bring income for you to your expertise in digital marketing. If you are looking for a digital marketing job or this blog alone could become something big of its own.  

I will teach you how to start your own website or online project and grow it. I will teach you how to install a domain, install hosting, setup a WordPress blog and this will become your platform for Learning and experimentation.

I will also teach you how to do Paid Advertising with Social Media Marketing as well.

What are the Option To Learn Digital Marketing?

Whatever effort you are putting in creating your own website and driving traffic to it will not be wasted because if you are applying for a job, you can show this as a project that you have done.

You don’t show all your digital marketing certificates rather you can actually tell your employer that you can actually done digital marketing and executed it.

So that will be much more powerful than just showing you our knowledge potential if you are not interested in getting a job.

You can use this website as a platform for Testing and experimenting and having a website or a personal blog also helps you allotted personal branding.

What is Integrated Digital Marketing

My search engine traffic can help me build my email list and also my social media, following my social media marketing can help me build my email list and traffic to my website, that’s the way integrated digital marketing should be executed in such a way that all the components start complimenting each other and that is when you will be able to beat your competition in getting traffic to your websites.

So email list can drive traffic to your quality content and quality. Content can help you build your email list. 

Then you have search engines which Drive traffic to Quality content.

And because you have quality content search engines will drive traffic to you and similarly social media will help with your content strategy and content strategy will help with your social media strategy and finally paid ads can boost your entire digital marketing.

You can either Drive traffic from Paid ads and build your email list directly or you can use paid ads to boost your content and once all this done, this digital marketing engine will help you drive traffic.  

Now that you have seen so many different modules and digital marketing. You may start thinking that digital marketing is very complex and digital marketing is very complex and very powerful.

More Modules in Digital Marketing

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Sales Funnels, Lead Scoring, Lead Nurturing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • E Commerce
  • Video Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing

Hope You Enjoyed this Lesson, I will meet You in Next Module.

Want to Become a Digital Marketer! 

  • Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program by “Udacity” offers a comprehensive program for beginning marketing students. 
  • Our expert content partners represent the entire digital marketing ecosystem, and this program instills a 360-degree understanding of the field. 
  • You’ll cover the full range of digital marketing specialties, and build a broad foundation that will make you an invaluable addition to any company seeking digital marketing expertise. 
  • In this unique program, you’ll get to run live campaigns on major marketing platforms. 
  • You’ll learn and apply new techniques, analyze results, produce actionable insights, and build a dynamic portfolio of work. 
  • You’ll benefit from supportive mentoring and rigorous project review, and our expert partners, who together comprise the absolute cutting-edge of digital marketing expertise, will teach you in the classroom, and engage with you during online events. 

The Nanodegree Program covers all relevant aspects of Digital Marketing in Nine Modules. 

1. Marketing Fundamentals 

2. Content Strategy 

3. Social Media Marketing 

4. Social Media Advertising with Facebook 

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

6. Search Engine Marketing with Adwords 

7. Display Advertising 

8. Email Marketing 

9. Measure and Optimize with Google Analytics

Udacity believes that education should empower students to succeed not just in school but in life. 

Udacity, Inc. is headquartered in Mountain View, California


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